Monetta Educational Resource Center
Educational Resources That Build Personal Financial Life Skills

Just as one needs basic reading and math skills to navigate successfully in today's world, you also need basic money-management skills to help build a better financial future for yourself and your family.

Following is a resource center of fun, interactive and/or informational websites, that highlight the 10 principles of personal finance.  The principles are based on the social studies program following the State of Illinois Standards.  Click on each principle to visit your area of interest.
Identify Your Income Potential and Factors That Affect Your Spending
The Role Of Education And Occupation As It Relates To Income
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Career Resource Center
College Preparation
U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Sources Of Information For Consumers
National Fraud Information Center
Better Business Bureau
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Advertising Methods And Claims
Overview And History Of Advertising
Advertising Techniques
Advertising Tricks (INTERACTIVE)
The Role Of Government In Relation To The Economy
The Government In Relation To The Economic Functioning
The Role Of Governments
The Rights Of Consumers And Protection From Violation Of Rights
Rights Of Consumers
Rights And Responsibilities Of Consumers
Testing Your Consumer Knowledge (Game)
Factors That Affect Decision Making
Tips For Shopping Safe and Smart
The Power Of The Consumer And The Effect On The Economy
Economic Concepts And Measurement Systems
Glossary of Economic Terms
Economic Growth Measurements
Testing Your Knowledge On Economics (Game)


Identify Your Income Potential And Factors That Affect Your Spending
Manage Your Expenses So They Don't Exceed Your Income
Use Consumer Credit To Achieve Budget Goals And Always Honor Your Debts
Have A Plan And Purpose For your Investing
Focus On The Relationship Between The Risk And Potential Return On Investments
Protect Yourself Against Financial Loss
Major Purchases Must Be Affordable
Make Food And Clothing Choices That Relate To Your Lifestyle
Build And Preserve Good Health Practices
Maintain Organized Record For Tax, Budget and Planning

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